Fly cutely!

Mad Minerva (an excellent blog) had a link to the cutest, or even the *only* cute plane in the galaxy: the Hello Kitty Jet. It flies between Taiwan in Japan, which is why the site is in multi-stroked Chinese and you can hear a high-pitched woman saying something cute, I'm sure.

But I think the Japanese Hello Kitty Jet site is even cuter--their cuteness standards are higher, after all, and they're probably the target customers for this very cute airline. Even the site's functions are cute--you can turn off the music by tapping the pink bow.

It's almost inspiring enough to change the color scheme of this blog back to pink (an experiment which lasted a few hours).


Mad Minerva said...

You're right -- the Japanese site is fabulous! I'll update my post with the link.

Anonymous said...

They've definitely pumped in more cuteness elixer at that one.