What the...?

Last year, I said that I translated a history of Kraftwerk from Portuguese into English. I waited a while for it to be posted at the fan site in Brazil, and mentioned it again earlier this year. I was told that it would be posted soon, so I was excited--finally people would be able to read that history in English.

But then I discovered that part of my translation has already been posted at a German site, and I think they messed with the English. For instance, I'm American, so I know that it's called "the United States," not "United States" (sans "the"). And I believe the site has deleted some words, so the grammar seems screwy in some places.

Also, not only did they mistakenly say that I'm from "New York USA" (I'm from Chicago), but I didn't get a chance to proofread it again before it was posted online. Not a good situation for a language fan! So if you read that excerpt and see weird English, it's either the Germans' fault or it's mine because I didn't give it a final read-through.

Which is a lesson: do not send anything to anyone until you're sure it's absolutely perfect, because you never know who will get it (and post and/or publish it) before it's been properly finalized.

By the way, it's called "Kraftwerk--An Electronic Epic."

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