LH is 3

Language Hat (or LanguageHat--don't know if it should be separated or not) is now three years old. A lot of bloggers don't even make it to one year, and if they do, they eventually give up because their readership isn't high.

I think LanguageHat has thousands of readers, which is incredibly impressive, considering it's not a simple-minded blog, nor does it cover a wide subject area. He always writes about language, and since he has so many readers, he receives a lot of interesting links and information--no need to scour the Internet every day.

I'm very impressed because he's making a noble cultural contribution without sacrificing quality or standards. And he gets all those readers, too, which says a lot about his visitors--there is a remnant of decent people out there.

If you want to get an idea of what kind of blog it is, check out one of his recent entries:

Now, isonomy is an English word (meaning 'equality of laws, or of people before the law'), as is attunement, but not so "apmonia"; where did Beckett get it? I googled, and on the first page of results found a Greek book page that included the title EPΩTIKH APMONIA [erotikí armonía]. The upper-case form of the Greek word αρμονία 'harmony' happens to look exactly like Latin-alphabet "apmonia"; Beckett had presumably noticed this at some point and made a note of it for future use.

Not simple, is it.

Well, congratulations and keep blogging! We need to be reminded of what can be achieved.

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