I'm sure every person who's studied a language has used flashcards--either pre-made or homemade. They're especially handy if you're studying Chinese characters or Japanese characters--I probably have created over a hundred Japanese ones.

Someone sent me a link to a cute program for creating flashcards on your computer called Flash Card Viewer. The guy who created is funny:

I'm supposed to be learning Czech, see. I live in Prague, and it's only polite to speak the lingo. So I'm taking lessons and making progress, but there's so dang many words! To help myself review the vocab I wrote this little program and spent far more time than I should have tweaking the algorithm that prioritizes which words to show more often.
Flash Card Viewer's features include:

Adaptive prioritization focuses on words you are having difficulty with based on performance for the current session and over all sessions.

Words are grouped into levels, which can correspond to textbook chapters.

External library files allow easy sharing.

Easy to add and modify words.

I'm not learning Czech, and have no plans to unless through some weird circumstances I end up there. But I'm not even headed in that direction. So what I did was paste in some dang difficult Japanese words that I must learn before I die--at least until the Japanese Proficiency Test (yeah, I'm still studying for that, though I wonder if I'll pass).

Check it out--it's cool and free. And just ignore the Czech label.

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