It's over

I just saw the latest episode of Stargate SG-1, and it's clear that this show is on its last legs.

First of all, they dumped a party slut character into the show, though she seems slightly more interesting than the airheaded collagen-injected twit on Enterprise, which was never a good show because it depended on the cheapest tripe around for so-called "stories." People watch sci-fi to be stimulated, not to have trash heaped upon them.

Stargate isn't garbage, but it's not what it was. First of all, Amanda Tapping has an "expected absence or lessened involvement in the new season's first several episodes, following the birth of her child -- though this has not been confirmed" (source) and Richard Dean Anderson doesn't want to stick around either because he has a "daughter who lives in L.A. and I need to be there. I need to be part of her life" (source). The team isn't together anymore, and the stargates aren't important since they've been getting into metaphysical fantasy-type stuff, so what's the point?

I went to the trusty Jump the Shark site and some people agreed that it's ending:

Looks like it's gonna be a textbook shark jump with Season 9. In the past season or two, we've lost Don Davis as the General Hammond character, Richard Dean Anderson's O'Neill becoming the general, only to leave a season later, Tea'lc growing hair, replacement characters, and--the bane of the "Star Trek" franchise--a hottie in inexplicably tight clothing...

...The plot is stupid, and the acting is bad for the first time in seven years. Daniel Jackson looks like a hippy, Amanda Tapping was not on the show, Judge has a minor part and the new General in the form of Beau Bridges is a wimp. We might also ask why the Sg-1 team drags around this Claudia Black person who is not even military. This has become stupid. The show is about a United States Air Force operation and is so non Military this season.

With so much bad culture to consume, we just might have to start doing something productive. ;)

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