All up

I've just finished posting all the translations I did for a Rush fan site. You can read the translations at Metrolingua (if you care).

I also translated parts of blogs and other tidbits for the fan site, but they were only to convey information, so they're more summaries than complete translations. If you're really dying to know what the info was, let me know, and I can post it here.

Unfortunately, some of the original Portuguese articles are no longer available online. So if you're reading one of them and are wondering if it's really a translation, it really is! I wouldn't waste my time making up stuff about Rush in Brazil--I've got better things to do, like sending queries to agents that will most likely be rejected.

Actually, I've done hundreds of other translations, but they were for a company, and besides, they're not as interesting. And they're not for public consumption. Non-disclosure agreement and all that.

And I swear, I did translate this into English, but it hasn't been posted yet! As soon as it is, I'll be sure to let the world know--it's thousands of words and took me a while.

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