Nerdiness confirmed

I mentioned before some nerdiness I was involved in, and it's been confirmed. The guys at the Kraftwerk fan site have asked people throughout the world to confirm some concert dates and venues. They wanted to know about Chicago, so I helped them out.

"So what's so nerdy about that?" you ask.

This: I had to go to the library and look up the info on microfilm. I had no luck with the Sun-Times, and I didn't want to wade through The Tribune, because it seemed like Kraftwerk was too artsy for those types of newspapers. And then it dawned on me: The Chicago Reader. It's a funky paper that lists all types of concerts, so I tried it, and found what I was looking for. And it's been posted too.

It was a cool process, real investigative work. And the nerdiness has continued: today I went to the library to look for some articles about the band in music magazines, and while I didn't have time to find them on microfilm, at least I know the magazines are there. Who knows when this nerdiness will end.

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