Decode addresses

If you've ever tried to tackle romanizing Japanese addresses, you've probably been on the brink of insanity and anger and frustration and every other emotion that goes along with trying to even read the language. Well, I have finally found the place where you can find the CORRECT readings for Japanese addresses.

Actually, the best language teacher on the planet sent me a link because I was always getting the addresses wrong. Like using the "on" reading instead of the "kun" reading or visa-versa, or not mixing them correctly, whatever. It has really driven me nuts.

So here's the site: The Japan Post Office. What better place? Just choose the prefecture (if you know it--if not, you have to look it up as well, via a quick Internet search or in one of those monster kanji dictionaries), then type in the kanji of the address (including 区 or 町 because even those have different readings depending on the whim of the Japanese place-namers of yore). And voila! You'll see the city come up along with the breakdown of the previously un-decodable address.

Enjoy! Knock yourself out! Never be ignorant again!

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