Update is failed

A really nice guy who I met at an awful place said he "chuckled a bit when I was updating my Blu Ray player and when it was done, it would say 'Update is Failed'.....ahh God bless LG products lol..."

So we have yet another badly translated product from abroad. Please, hire good translators or at least editors who will correct such odd English.

By the way, it's supposed to be "Update has failed".


Anonymous said...

Bit old, but then, Canadian English does use "to be" with some perfect phrases, unlike the rest of the English-speaking world.

So, "I'm finished my coffee" or "I'm done my coffee" is perfectly normaly. Only in Canada (As I only -just- found out, after another language teacher corrected me "It's 'I've finished'") And "the boy is come" (vs 'has come') doesn't sound foreign to my ears.

Small things.

Margaret Larkin said...

Interesting--you're Canadian?