Answer the question

I don't understand how a publication can interview someone, then publish a question that hasn't been answered.

I was perusing Aspen Peak Magazine and came upon an interview with an interior designer. The first question they asked him wasn't answered:
You primarily design vacation homes for your clientele. How did you get your start?

Answer: I like to create fantasies and take risks when designing a home for a client, and I found that my clients are more creative and willing to experiment with a vacation home as opposed to a primary residence.
How does that answer the question? He promotes himself, but he does not explain how he got his start. If he, or the magazine, thinks the question was answered, then they are expecting the reader to infer it by assigning almost symbolic meaning to those words, rather than read a direct, real answer to the question.

If I was editing that article, I would either delete that question, or not publish it unless he really answered it.

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