Interview with powerful mass media guy who's not snobby

As you know, this blog isn't part of the mass media, and blogs had been derided by various people in the media, until a bunch grudgingly jumped on board. But before they did, we (the micro-media) were reading and writing all over the Internet, and the mass media didn't really care. Even now I'll meet some folks who think they're "too good" for such online participation, and I've heard negative comments about "those bloggers" as well.

But I talked to Lee Abrams, who's been one of the most influential and successful consultants in the mass media: he changed music radio forever, has worked with and knows a lot of popular bands, was at the beginning of satellite radio, consulted MTV, and has done a lot more. He has always worked in, and greatly profited from, mass media and mainstream culture, and unbelievably, he let me interview him!

Just the fact that he had no problem talking to me (I only had to ask him once, and he said yes right away) shows that for a successful mass media guy, he's very open-minded and not arrogant or snobby at all. A lot of people in the mass media don't think we micro-media folks are worthy of interaction. But he's different--in fact, I've met people who don't even have a fraction of the success he has, and they either don't respond or just refuse to do an interview.

Anyway, feel free to listen to it at this link (mp3 file).

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