A seemingly nice translator

A while ago, I started reading There's Something About Translation, a good blog about the translating business and process. Since Sarah's writing seemed friendly, I decided to email her to ask her for advice, and amazingly, not only did she respond, but her responses were quite extensive and detailed!

So because she was so helpful, I'd like to say that she seems like a nice person. I use the word "seem" because I've never met her, and probably won't because she lives in Australia (though I'd like to go there sometime). But in spite of being busy and not knowing me, she really was very considerate and I really appreciate it!


Sarah Dillon said...

Thank you for your lovely post! It's lovely to know you found my emails helpful.

So many translators took the time to help me when I was starting out (and still do) that I'm always happy to pay it forward when I can.

I look forward to meeting in person over a coffee in Chicago or Brisbane some day :)

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks--and good luck with your business. It seems like you're getting good press and other exposure along the way.