Japanese guy shocked by large American drink

I found a Japanese site that gives information about the US, and was amused by the post: 映画館でこのコーラはMサイズ(WHAT!?). [Translation: this cola at the movie theater is an M size (WHAT!?)]

Here's the short blog post in Japanese, and below it is my translation. I've just tried for over an hour to upload the picture, but for some reason, Blogger isn't able to upload images, so you'll have to see the photo at the site.



My translation:

I went to the movie theater on Friday. I wanted to drink something, so I got a drink, and I was surprised! The M size was bigger than my head (my head is big). This cola was five dollars (about 500 yen), but I couldn't drink it! The drinks and food at the movie theater are very big--that's dumb.

Next time, I'm going to get the L size to see what it's like. Is it going to be a bucket?

And to that guy I say: ようこそアメリカへ! Welcome to America!


Koichi said...

Aaaactually, I'm an American guy talking about American things, but thanks for the shout-out on your blog! I follow tons of language-related blogs, but haven't come across yours, so I'm excited to see what else you've written / what you will be writing!

I also blog about Japanese language / culture over at tofugu.com, too, if you want the opposite of this site.

Cheers and thank you!

Margaret Larkin said...

You're an American guy writing in Japanese? How did you learn to write it so well?

Thanks for visiting--I've seen the Tofugu site before--I'll check it out!