New German dictionary

new Duden German dictionary
Mad Minerva had a link to an interesting article about a book with new German words:

"New words, such as 'twittern' (a German verbal form meaning 'to send a message via Twitter') or 'Komasaufen' ('saufen' means 'to drink,' 'Koma' means 'coma,' so 'Komasaufen' means 'binge-drinking') reflect new social realities...

"...the real strokes of folk genius occur when a German word is mixed with a foreign word to create something which is totally new, like 'urcool,' which adds German prefix 'ur-,' meaning 'primordial' to the well-known English colloquialism."

I'd also like to note that I like the name of the publisher Duden. "Duden Editor" has a nice ring to it. It's urcool!

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