Watch anime and Korean dramas for free!

If you want to improve your Korean or Japanese, go to Crunchyroll. There are lots of Japanese anime (don't know if I should add an "s" because Japanese doesn't have plurals) and Korean dramas with English subtitles. I think there might be Japanese dramas but I couldn't find any in the recent list. You can also subscribe to bypass advertising and get access to even more anime.

I'm not into anime, but since they have English subtitles, they'd be hard to resist because it's a good way to improve my diminishing Japanese skills.

(thanks to Lumpy for the heads up)


helium said...

Dunno if thats really the best way to learn a language, but you do start to pick up phrases, words after enouih exposure :) lol all that along with Watch Anime Online

Margaret Larkin said...

Lots of English anime/manga at that site. I'm not into the fantasy-type of stuff, which people usually are.