On the air tonight/tomorrow morning

In case you're up during the middle of the night (or if you live in another country, where our night is your day), you can hear me on the radio from 2:00 to 4:00 AM Central Time (which is tonight but is technically tomorrow morning) on the overnight show that Geoff Pinkus hosts. You can listen via his site (scroll down and click on "Listen Live").

I will be doing the show with Bonnie, who is Geoff's producer, and George Bliss, who's a friend of the show and is one of the most connected people in Chicago (see their bios here).

During the 2:00 hour we'll be talking with Tate Gunnerson from Strangeclosets.com about the crazy spaces and people he's met around Chicago, and during the 3:00 hour we'll be talking with Corey Deitz about his change in political views and how screwed up radio has become.

We'll also be talking about other subjects, and I'll probably be on the air during the 1:00 hour as well because at this point, I'm too excited to sleep :D

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