Real vs fake British accents

This is funny: the characters from one of my favorite movies This is Spinal Tap were on a British TV morning show, and it's interesting and amusing to compare the real British accents with Spinal Tap's fake ones (they're all American, though Christopher Guest's dad was British).

I explored the accuracy of Spinal Tap's accents in a previous post, including quotes from articles and a real Brit's assessment of their accents (I emailed him for comments).


Silas said...

I've always wondered if some less-informed people who fake British accents wind up using Americanisms, just spoken affectedly. For instance, when they are speaking pseudo-BBC English, do they still use words like 'elevator', 'cookie', and 'car hood'/'car trunk'? I hope they don't slip up and refer to a 'fanny pack' as such!

Margaret Larkin said...

True--the untalented imitators just change the accent, not the words. Side note: I think Harry Shearer's accent was the worst in the movie and even in this interview. It seemed like he would slip back to his American accent and didn't seem as comfortable being a Brit.