Another year!

I can't believe we're almost into 2008! This past year started out sort of lame, but ended up great, and I think 2008 will be even better. I'm going to a party, then I have to work throughout the night, but it's the kind of work that is going to be really fun. I never would've thought that I'd be helping out with a radio show on New Year's Eve, especially because most overnight shows in the U.S. are never live, and actually, most radio in the U.S. isn't even produced locally.

One of the first tasks of the new year is to translate a bunch of Japanese, so my new year will still be language-related :D


Lilly said...

Happy New Year to you, MJ :-D
Hope you had a good evening/night doing your live radio show. How wonderful to hear that you too enjoy your work! We're lucky in that respect. Many people hate their jobs....[I certainly used to when I was employed elsewhere]

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks--I wasn't on the air, just helping out behind the scenes. And the gig I'm currently doing ends in February.