Congee crisis!

I was in Bridgeport, so I decided to stop by Chinatown because it's not far north of there. I thought I'd run into the place where I can get lots of mixed congee, but I couldn't find it--stupidly. In the past, there was construction, so I could follow the detour signs until I ended up at that store, but it's in such a weird location, I got lost. So I ended up in the middle of Chinatown and I figured that there had to be some stores there that had mixed congee.

I went into some stores, and they had no idea what I was talking about. It says "congee" on the can--I thought that was odd. But I guess they only know the Chinese word[s], which is too long and tonal to remember. Store after store had none, but I finally reached one that had lots of it. I was, of course, very happy, told the owner I loved the stuff, and took four cans from the fridge. As I was about to pay for it, the owner stopped me and looked at the cans. Expired! The date was late December, but still, I didn't want to take a chance, and he wasn't about to sell bad congee. So that was it--I was so close, but couldn't acquire any, and I never did find the store I was originally looking for, even though it's really big and well-known. Or so I thought--when I asked people where it was, they either didn't understand me or didn't know its English name.

Basically, I don't know where the heck I can get mixed congee. I found a Japanese place that carried it, but when I returned to buy more, it was gone. Is there a mixed congee shortage? If there is, we need to tell them (especially Taisun in Taiwan) to step up production!

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