Chinese high

What are they smoking in there? Just straight weed, or are they mixing it with tobacco to create a British-style spliff, or what? I wonder if their pot is spicy.

But seriously: this is a word challenge as well, of course, as a cultural one. "Rolling" can be a verb, thus the humor of this sign. But "rolling" can also be an adjective, which I'm sure means something different in Chinese--bad translation!


Anonymous said...

There is another sign in the bottom of the mall. It's hard to take because I don't want to be photographing in the washroom:

"Please do not place candy or gums in urinal"

Anonymous said...

They need someone to proofread their stuff!

Mad Minerva said...


Have you sent this in to Engrish.Com?

Anonymous said...

Good idea--just told Bruce about it since he took the pic.