Toby's done it again

I just finished reading Toby Young's latest book, The Sound of No Hands Clapping, and I highly recommend it. I really hope he writes more books like this.

I read his first book, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and the new book was just as good as his first, but I think the latest one is more tightly written. But neither of them are sloppy--I really didn't want them to end--how many books can you say that about?

Even though he's an upper class British dude who's successful and well-connected, I can relate to his struggles. I really don't have much in common with him, except procrastinating writing pursuits, wanting to creatively express myself, self-loathing, and trying to achieve my goals.

He's definitely one of the few famous people I want to meet.


Jon Konrath said...

I was really pissed off about his first book, because I thought that title would be perfect for a book idea of mine, and about a chapter into writing it, I found out he used the same exact title for his book.

Anonymous said...

They had other titles for the book, but ended up with this one--he describes that process in his newest book. I want to find another book that is as fresh as his.