Give blood

I've been to a few hospitals in just over a month: one in the western suburbs, one in the northern suburbs, and one downtown. Each reason was different: I visited one person who was dying, I took another to the emergency room a couple of times, and I visited another who was suffering after I took them to the emergency room the week before.

It was the last person that made me decide to give blood, because they were getting a transfusion. Some kind soul out there decided to give blood so that the ill person could feel well again, and it worked! If it wasn't for that blood, who knows what would've happened? Many people have been helped because of other people's generosity!

If you ever see people revived because of others' blood, then maybe you'll feel inspired enough to give blood. But even if you haven't, think about doing it--it could save someone's life!

So I'm going to set up an appointment to give blood, and intend to do it regularly.

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