French building words

I was searching for a French term and found the definition I was looking for in a French Building and Renovation Jargon Guide. It's from a site that helps English speakers survive in Languedoc-Roussillon, which is in southeast France.

So if you want to know various terms that have to do with building or renovating anything, or are just curious about what household words are in French and English, check it out. I've never been to France (though I want to go), but even if I do go someday, I doubt I'll need to know all these words. But they're handy.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 14 06

Now that is a very cool reference. Far too often in linguistics we study the pedagogical way of speaking but never specialize to a specific area. When I went to the Czech Republic, I came across an IT fellow. His conversational English was limited. HOWEVER his work lingo was awesome; he knew every technical term for anything computerish-hehehehehehe so I think it wonderful that this reference guide exists.

On a very practical level it will help someone broaden their understanding of a language!
Have a great week MJ:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting--I know you've been busy with lots of stuff. :)