Word work effects

Right now, the work I'm doing isn't word-oriented, ie, I'm not spending hours in front of the computer editing, writing, or translating. But when I have a big project that has to be completed ASAP, I notice I end up trying to edit other aspects of life.

For instance, let's say I've spent four hours doing intense word stuff on the computer, and I decide to take a break and walk around outside. Since I live in a relatively populated area (compared to sleepy suburbs, not Manhattan), I find that I try to correct the people around me, as if they're also words that need to be fixed.

For instance, let's say some goofball is walking down the street and is yelling bizarre stuff to passersby. Usually I would consider him as part of the urban wallpaper, and move along. But after hours of word work, I am tempted to walk up to him and set him straight, as if he's some kind of typo or weakly translated word that needs correction.

More examples and thoughts later. I have a very long non-word workday ahead of me.

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