Online Danish dictionary

Mahndisa had a post about finding out what her last name "Rigmaiden" means, which "is closely related to the Danish term Rigmanden, which means 'The rich man'. (In Danish -en is added to a term to indicate the article 'the')" and provided a link to an online Danish dictionary.

In the post she also calls me a scholar, and I'm definitely not one (!). I would say some other people on my blog list are. I'm just interested in different stuff, and can hardly discuss or understand some of the scholarly discussions going on out there.


Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on that! People assume that I'm smart because I go to University. People assume they're not smart because they didn't/don't go to University. People think they're not smart because that don't know big words. Blah blah blah. You don't need to speek pretentious academia to communicate at a scholarly level. Plus, when you learn to decode that academic crap, you realize, after everything you've just read... it was all just (what I call) academic masterbation. Nothing of substance was actually said! Far too often it's a war of words and not actually an art of sharing knowledge.

So, MJ, you're doing just fine *nod*. Seriously.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 25 06

MJ: Thx for the link and your humility is refreshing. I consider a scholar to be someone who is interesting in knowing, despite whatever certifications they may or may not have. In that sense, you fit the bill;) You have one of the most ecclectic and stimulating blogs out there and it is always a treat:) Have a great day. I second Mr. Polyglot:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I could successfully do the scholar thing if I went back to school, but what I meant was that I'm not a scholar in that I don't discuss some of the stuff that scholarly blogs do. I'm not downgrading my blog, just categorizing it. I just want to be straight-forward here. Too bad there aren't more people who see it like Mahndisa does--the audience and feedback would be nice!