Fine now

I've been working long hours all weekend, in addition to other stuff that's popped up, so I'm totally tired and am not expecting a day off until next Sunday. So imagine my delight when I turned on the telly and saw the inspector. What a pleasant end to a busy weekend.

Unfortunately, I found out too late that he's in Bleak House, which I haven't been watching. I missed the first episode and thought I could start watching the series from the second one, but there are so many characters to follow in the complex plot that I couldn't keep up, so I gave up.

Oh the humanity! Why did they have to create a too-stylish series based on a complicated story? To shut us simpletons out? To punish us for not watching the premiere? Now I'll have to wait until PBS runs it again, which might not be for months. How will I survive until then? We need that fine British import--he's too hot to store across the ocean!

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