I don't buy it

I've been watching Startrek: Deep Space Nine and must say that Dax ain't convincing. She's supposed to be this wise soul that has lived several lifetimes, but the actress doesn't pull it off--she's too shallow.

I found out that she's another model turned actress who is pretty but doesn't have the depth that her character is supposed to have. I guess looking pretty was enough for the Startrek folks. They think that all she has to do is stare, and the camera will take care of the rest. Well, sorry, I'm not looking at a magazine, I'm watching real people act, and that character isn't what she/he/it is supposed to be.

They should have hired actors that have played Tok'ra, since they're also symbiotic (other ancient beings that require human hosts). I don't remember seeing a shallow Tok'ra, so somebody must've been casting them right.

Like I've said before, it's a good thing I'm not an aspiring actor, or else I'd think that Life Isn't Fair (LIF) because it seems that sometimes decent looks are worth more than talent.

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