Snow in Bethlehem

I was going to do a smart-aleck post about the fact that we see a lot of manger scenes with snow, but since Bethlehem is in the Middle East, and it doesn't snow there, why should we put up with the inaccuracies?

But then I found an article about snow in the Middle East from a few years ago, and even found an image of Bethlehem covered with snow.

I wanted to post the Bethlehem image here, but I'm afraid the site will be mad because they don't want their images shared publically without purchase. So please see the proof yourself.

So the image posted here shows Jerusalem in snow, from the BBC.


Mad Minerva said...

Wow! It really is a White Christmas even over there! It is really very striking -- and somehow all the more because it's unexpected. I never thought of snow in Bethlehem.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks--you too!