It's true!

Snopes has confirmed that the cool Christmas lights display is true. (I first saw the video via Mad Minerva.)

Carson Williams, the homeowner, is a really smart and talented guy. Not only did he synchronize thousands of lights to music, but he also created a short-range FM broadcast so that the neighbors would not be bothered by the noise. So you're in your car, you see the cool display, and a sign tells you to tune into the "station" to hear the music. That's quite a feat!

Unfortunately, because of all the media and online hype, he's had to shut the display down because there was an accident and too much traffic in front of his house.

The story also has another weird and ironic and tragic (for those who care) twist: the band who created the music, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is on tour, and a couple of days ago when they were in Cincinnati (south of where Williams is from), many people could not show up because of the weather.

So can you imagine being in Ohio, seeing the video and the TV coverage, going to his house to check out the display, purchasing tickets to a concert, and then not being able to get there? I'm sure the people who couldn't make it were devastated.

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