Funny guy!

Orny Adams is hilarious--I saw him in Comedian. They didn't show much of his stand-up routine, and even though it was funny, I found the way he *is* is funny. He's self-deprecating and shares his misery and struggles, but how he says everything is laugh-causing, not pitiful or annoying.

You can get a glimpse of his interesting thoughts at his Notebook. Here are a couple of examples:

People tell me I need to live in the moment. Well the moment sucks. So I’m living in the future. The future has hope. The moment is overrated. Sometimes I live in the past. Because I don’t realize how good the moment was at that time. But later I do and so… I’m living in the moment- just a later.

I don’t like commercials that use a real chicken to sell chicken. I don’t need to see the before to enjoy the after. The before makes me sick, the after makes me full. I don’t even like the site of uncooked chicken. A raw egg makes me sick. But a cooked egg makes me happy.

He ends up developing those ideas for his shows. Actually, he spends several hours writing and seems to work hard. It must be very difficult to write well enough to make people laugh for an hour, or even five minutes.

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