Out of the fog

Yesterday I talked about the fiction fog I was in. Good thing I didn't write such a post last week, or else it would've been full of a lot of emotional blathering. Amazingly enough, after I officially decided to not work on fiction, the desire to write it has returned.

I was planning on describing the differences between fiction and non-fiction, but right now I sort of don't feel the need to get into it. I mentioned some differences last year, and I have more to add, but at a later time, because I'm in too much of a fiction mood to step outside of it to offer analysis. Plus, it might get me down again to think about how much easier non-fiction is to write.

Since I'm embarking once again on writing fiction, what I have to remember is to remain sincere when I create it; otherwise I'll paint myself into a corner and I'll have to realign my senses to stay on track and finish what I began.

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Anonymous said...

Most people I've met or read online who like to write want to write a novel. So I guess I should write what I wanted to afterall--it would help, I think.