Arabic on 9-11

Someone asked about Arabic links in a comment, and just as I was going to post them, I realized the irony: today is September 11, when Islamofascists murdered thousands of people in New York and Pennsylvania four years ago.

For some reason, there aren't a lot of good Arabic sites. I guess the Japanese ones are better because the government funds various projects, and there are a number of enthusiastic individuals who are willing to create helpful sites.

There are some basic but cute Arabic exercises at Fun With Arabic and more at Ukindia (an Indian site). They also have information about several other languages on the homepage: Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali, Spanish, Greek, English, Russian, and Hebrew. It's certainly a tossed salad over there.

Other than that, I found information about the Arabic broadcasts that Michael Youssef does. And I even found a free online Arabic Bible (there are several different formats on the left). It's safe--there are no killer planes or bombs in there.

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Anonymous said...

True. Well, I hope people who are looking for Arabic help find it in those links.