BBC to the rescue

While searching for a French phrase, I found the BBC Languages site, where they have a lot of useful explanations, activities, videos, audios, forums, and other stuff I can't remember about Spanish, German, French, Italian, and even Portuguese, Greek, and Chinese (in the "other" section). Because German is so scarily hard, I went to the Talk German section, where you can watch, listen, and read excerpts from that television "programme" (British spelling).

They do an excellent job of exposing us online language folks to various cultures and languages. Cheers, BBC!


لـيـلـيـت said...

and what about arabic ?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

Hello MJ:
YOu have a wonderful blog. I think it is really cool to expand your horizons and become a citizen of the world. My husband and I like to travel and I am trying to cultivate my Latin Languages. Kudos to you and enjoy your travels:) Perhaps I will see some more of your comments in the blogosphere soon:) Regards,
Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden

Anonymous said...

About Arabic: I've found some links in the past, but didn't post them here. I'll dig them out and post them (sorry but I can't read Arabic, so I don't know the commenter's name).

Thanks Mahndisa for your comment. I feel part of the global scene, even though I can't travel much these days. But I try to keep it up here in the U.S.--I know people from all over the world.