Still bummed

I thought I'd get over it, but I'm still bummed that Chrenkoff won't be blogging anymore. Here's part of what he said about it:

...in the end, the decision - difficult as it was - came down to a simple choice: should I continue to stay indefinitely in the same job (which I enjoyed, but where I was standing still professionally) just because it allowed me flexibility to write outside of it, or should I try to move up professionally, even if it means having to give up my passion. Sadly, the passion didn't look like translating itself into a decently paying full time career, and so the majority view among the friends whom I asked for advice was that I should choose the "sensible" rather than the "romantic" course of action.

It's sad that in spite of being an excellent writer, he has to give it up--he can't follow his passion. Actually, he could, if he kept plugging away and networked and made important contacts who would help him get paid for doing it. I have no idea what kinds of efforts he made to be a professional writer, other than posting a plea at his site. But it seems "unfair" that he has to call it quits. The world would be perfect if we all got a chance to do what we're passionate about, or the opportunity and time to discover our passions.

At least Chrenkoff isn't yanking his fiction from the Metrofiction site. Hopefully he'll be able to get that published some day, too.

Subsequently, I'm going to post a phrase that Chrenkoff created, which includes his typical coherent explanation.

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