As you can see, I've chosen a template that's more girly--I had the previous one for about a year. I've spent several hours going through Wordpress because I was thinking of switching to it. Even though I'm more familiar with it now, I've decided to stick with Blogger for the time being, because it's more of a no-brainer, and they've added convenient features that they didn't have last year.

Unfortunately, during the conversion, I lost comments that were made in Haloscan, but weirdly, I recouped the ones that were posted in Blogger a long time ago, which were lost when I activated Haloscan. So I'd like to apologize to the people who left comments with helpful info in Haloscan. I read all the comments, but alas, a latecomer to this blog will not be able to read them.

I think that Haloscan isn't as necessary as it once was--Blogger allows anyone to make comments, and I have the power of deletion, should any obnoxious person come through (which hasn't happened yet).

I've also done away with Blogrolling--it's not difficult to add links to other blogs in this template. I need to add some more to the list, since I have a lot of blogs bookmarked, but it's way past my bedtime to think too deeply about it.

So enjoy the revised, dolled-up style and see you later, when I'll have a relatively more intelligent post.


Mad Minerva said...

Wow! Quite a change, but I like it! Nice and bright. Pity about the comments, though.

Margaret Larkin said...

Well, it wasn't like there were tons of comments anyway.