James is getting honest

Back in December, I wrote that James Patterson should be honest and say that his books are penned by James Patterson Inc. because he uses co-authors and borderline ghostwriters. Not only did I read about what he's done, but I even got to ask him how he uses other writers. Unfortunately, it seems like people didn't pick up on my suggested term, but hey, I went to the source, so it was a decent piece of "investigative journalism."

Tonight when I was in Borders, I passed by one of Patterson's numerous bestsellers. And guess what? He put a co-author's name on the cover. Imagine that.

The book I saw was Lifeguard, and it said that it was written by him "& Andrew Gross." I also saw another book, 4th of July, which he "and Maxine Paetro" wrote.

So I'm assuming that Patterson is starting to be more honest with the public. There's nothing wrong with that--he's a multimillionaire because people love his stories, and I doubt they're going to be upset that he's adding someone else's name. What matters is the final product.

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