Nice couple

I met a nice couple yesterday at Rick Kogan's radio show: Ben Benedict and Naomi Ashley. Ben is a musician and seems to keep himself busy playing with various groups and productions, and Naomi merges her music with comedy, and also does theater. I chatted with them in the "green room" and during the commercial breaks, and I also served as their photographer. The photos don't seem to be posted at their sites, but I was told that they came out okay.

They're talented and nice people, and seem to have been really blessed with growing success since they came to the big city from their tiny midwestern hometowns. Here's an example of how nice they are: I sent her a very short "nice to meet you" email, and she reciprocated, then offered to send me their cd's. Considering I'm just a shmoe, that's quite a response. I just hope I move along the kind of upward trajectory they seem to be on.

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