Wish I was there

Someone sent me a link to a site about the Brazilian town Araçatuba. I'm assuming that the information was originally written in Portuguese, since the translations are quite, um, interesting:

The industrialization is enlarged in this decade, having as an example the coming of Nestlé and the foundation of T. Maia Meatplant, belonging to the cattle raiser Tião Maia, one of the most famous in Brazil. The time is also marked by the social developments in the city, like the construction of bridges and roads.

In the 60's, the industrial development grows more and more. The beginning of a new economical cycle - the plantation of sugar cain - gave breath to the progress in the city in the 70's.

If only they'd asked me to do it ;)

Seriously, it looks like a beautiful place--here are some pictures. Yet another reason to get over there, especially since my spoken Portuguese has severely lapsed.

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