Bono really is short

Lately, I've been in the U2 world since the band, and some fans, have come to town. I literally got a few hours sleep last night, which means bedtime soon. But I did find out for myself that Bono is, indeed, short, as a fan told me last week.

I (and a few hundred other people) saw him exit his hotel, and a hardcore fan in front of me exclaimed, "He's short!" I wondered how she'd just discovered that fact after seeing the band a hundred times (according to her estimate). I would say that he is about 5'3", which is what the fan told me.

I managed to get a couple of lame pictures, due to severe fan-pushing from behind, and I've just posted one above (in 10/07): he's in the gray sweatsuit-type outfit, wearing his hat backwards.

So there you have it, it's been confirmed, that he really is short. One fan claims that Bono wears lifts inside his platform shoes to appear taller. Who knows--vanity comes in all sizes.


Anonymous said...

So where are these pictures?

Margaret Larkin said...

I posted one above, as you can see, and I also posted one at http://blog.metrolingua.com/2007/10/blurry-bono.html