Brit revealed

Here at Metrolingua, I've featured the use of British English and have mentioned a German-speaking Brit. Well, I've been given permission to reveal his identity: John Nevin, or Nev, as I call him. I "met" him at a couple of Rush sites, and he's become an online "friend." Maybe one century I'll meet him, if I ever get back to Germany.

If you don't know who I'm talking about, perhaps you've read the posts that feature him, such as his opinion about Spinal Tap's accent, his thoughts on Denglish, and his British English-revealing posts, such as his comments about a Rush show, and his use of the word "busking," which became a Metrolingua quiz.

So, because of his ongoing contributions, I've decided to make him the Metrolingua British English consultant. Except he doesn't know yet. So I better email him.

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