Busy with Spanish

It's a common thing to say in the U.S.: "I'm busy." You'll often hear it. Here's a typical conversation on the street:

"Hey Joe, I haven't seen you in a while. How are you doing?"

I was talking to a freelance illustrator tonight as we were walking out of an office building, and he was telling me about the storyboards he creates for commercials.

"Sounds interesting," I said.
"And I'm so busy," he said.

At least it's better than not having any work.

During my current busy-ness, I came upon some interesting sites. One was announced late last night on WGN: a tiny press called Caffeine Society. They like to talk about cafes in haikus.

I also stumbled upon a site by an American expat in Mexico, who's assembled his own dictionary of Mexican Spanish that covers car parts. He says: "This lexicon was put together with the help of my mechanic friends here in Lerdo, Durango; thus it reflects common usage in north-central Mexico." It seems handy, especially if you've been stumped by that region's vocabulary.

And if you need further help with Spanish, there's a British site that seems to focus more on the Spain variety, but it's still helpful.

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