Well, the opening night at Art Chicago wasn't as glamorous and over-the-top as last year, probably because the Museum of Contemporary Art wasn't hosting it. Plus, it's in tents this year, and even though it looks great, it's not a building. I was surprised to see that some important Chicago galleries weren't there, but I guess they think the show is on the decline, and they don't want to be associated with it.

There's actually more I can say about the situation, but I have to find the article to properly get my facts straight. There are rumors, though, which don't sound too pretty.

One person I saw (since I was at a table near the entrance) was jazz singer Kurt Elling. When he gave me his name, I was like, "Yeah, I know who you are--I've seen you in concert." He seems like a nice guy.

I also saw Garry Meier, a local radio guy who "turned down a guaranteed five-year contract worth more than $7 million." I wanted to ask him, "Are you crazy?" But I just silently gave his wife a catalog.

They were with writer Bill Zehme, who said about the multi-million turn-down, "I think, professionally, more than a few of his friends doubted his sanity in persevering with his cause as righteously as he has." No kidding.

I wouldn't mind getting my own invites to some cool events in the future. People in the media seem to have some sweet perks.

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