Memorization advice

I found some advice for memorizing vocabulary from an English teacher in Japan. Even though he's talking about English, it seems useful for any language.

After learning the meaning of some words, it's time to memorize them.
Each day, use a few words 3 - 5 times. Say them smoothly. Create a situation. For example:

Words: tickle, bitter, concern, battle, curious

Tickle - At home, I tickle my dog. I don't like to be tickled. I tickle my friends. I am going to tickle you.

Bitter - This coffee is bitter. I like bitter chocolate. That old woman is very bitter. Why is she so bitter?

Concern - I am concerned about my grades. My mother is always concerned about me. She is not worried, she is concerned. The phone call was concerning your class schedule.

Battle - Learning is only half the battle. There are many battles in Iraq. I am battling to learn English.

Curious - I am a curious person. I am curious to know whether Americans like to eat natto. Curiosity killed the cat. My curiosity gets the best of me.

And then you're supposed to memorize five a day, review, and move forward to fluency. Not bad.

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