Progress report

I saw the preparation of Art Chicago, and let's just say it's quite a mess. But I'm sure it will look spiffy when the show opens. If you're going, chances are I'll be working towards the entrance (hopefully) or dealing with the public in some way, so let me know via email. Right now I don't know what my job will be.

In other news, I'll be stopping by the studio of the show I was lucky to be on a couple weeks ago. Again, I don't know if any questions will be thrown my way, but I'm going to "prepare" for that possible eventuality. I've been invited to stop by anytime, so hey, I'm not going to just be a wall flower--life's too short.

Expect some Art Chicago-related blogging during the next few days, with sprinkles of neglected topics, such as Toby Young, Colombian Spanish, translating, and more. I'm not conscientious like LanguageHat, but then again, he's in another league.

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