Multilingual Pope

I just found out that the Pope spoke "eight languages rather fluently: Polish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English" and that he was a "playwright, poet, author, theologian, and philosopher."

In addition to seeming like a good guy, he was really talented. And the media says he was the most traveled Pope. PBS says he was "the most traveled world leader in history." That's incredible! Out of all the prime ministers, presidents, dictators, UN chiefs, and others, he traveled the most.

When he was "discovered," the "patriarchal figures recognized his abilities--his facility with language, his gifts as a writer and depth as a thinker. They made sure the boy was handed up the only ladder of opportunity in Poland: the steps advancing through the Catholic Church...The Church drew from a small pool of talent in Poland."

How many non-Popes have that much ability or potential?

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