Rick is cool

Rick Kogan is totally cool. He's a writer for the Chicago Tribune and has a radio show on WGN Radio. I met him a while ago when he was promoting his biography of Ann Landers, and thought he was a friendly guy. I even emailed him, and he returned my email, which I thought was nice, especially because he's busy.

But what puts him in the "totally cool" category is what he did tonight. I happened to see him at an event and spoke with him, thinking I was too much of a peon to take up his time. But not only did he introduce me to author Dennis Foley, but he bought me Foley's book, The Streets & San Man's Guide to Chicago Eats! I'm not friends with Rick Kogan, not even an acquaintence (tonight was only the second time I'd ever met him) but he did that! Now that's cool!

Here's hoping that only the best in life will come Rick's way.

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