I'm not a man...

...but I like Men's Pocky. It's just one of many odd Japanese snacks, made of pretzels and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate denotes a "man's taste," I guess.

It even has weird English on the box: "Crispy pretzel dipped in dark chocolate for the type of person who enjoys the finer points in life."

One site added some of their own strange English (despite being located in the U.S.) to advertise the tasty treat: "The Men's Pocky is for the dark chocolate lovers. This tasty biscuit stick is dipped with dark chocolate. A delicious snack for you to enjoy at any time!"

Whenever I go to a Japanese store way out in the 'burbs, I also get Milk Tea. It has even weirder English:

"This is special blend tea for sensitive people and make a fantastic story. Welcome to Tea paradise."

I need to make another run up to the 'burbs to be a Man in Paradise.

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