Helpful JLPT site

If you're like me, you're already buried deep in kanji and those glorious idioms, in an attempt to pass the Japanese Proficiency Test. This site has tips and links that will help you achieve that goal.

He says, "Learning Japanese is not like learning French."

Um, yeah, that's true. Just try studying Japanese for a couple days and you'll be running back to French in no time. But seriously, he does have good advice such as:

"The vocabulary section is, surprisingly, more difficult than the kanji section. If you're like me, you have a lot of trouble remembering onomatopoeic words like harahara, dokidoki, etc. If you just try to memorise the meaning of each word, you may find that you do not retain them well, or that you get confused when presented with two words that sound similar or have similar meanings. Instead of just memorising words, try to remember a short phrase that expresses the meaning of the word."

The site also includes help for reading Japanese.

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