Karin rules

Karin Gillespie deserves a special mention here because of her great blog about writing and marketing, and the incredible care she has for people. I think she is the most generous writer on the web. I've never seen anyone who is willing to offer so much information, respond to every comment and every email, and maintain a consistently friendly, warm tone in her writing.

She wrote Bet Your Bottom Dollar, which is a fictional story set in the South, and has written another novel that is going to be released this summer. She's also finished writing a couple more novels, on top of doing a column, a promotional tour, marketing, networking, and posting to her blog every day! I don't know how she does it all, while maintaining a good attitude.

People like her are so rare, especially those who've been able to work in their dream vocation, because usually the success goes to their head or they're too busy to notice the humanity around them. If I had any kind of "important position," I'd help her out in some way, but all I can do is let people know that she exists.

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