Tudor history

I know, I said I'd post something about a weird ingredient in some Japanese gum I recently bought, but I thought I'd throw a curve ball by mentioning a Tudor history site. I found it when I was doing a search for a phrase unrelated to anything Tudor (which I can no longer remember) and was impressed by the site creator's bio:

"I am not a professional historian, but I do consider myself an amateur historian of sorts. At one point I would have thought that would have been a bit of a stretch to say, but now that I've racked up hours lost in the volumes of the Calendar of State Papers in my university's library, I think it's a justifiable statement. I also took several history classes in college, including one on Tudor England, so I also do have a bit of an academic background on the topic. My degree and current job are in astronomy, for those who are curious."

Her profession is astronomy, but she's done extensive research on Tudor history? What's up with that? She must have quite a brain to not only study all that history, but to set up a site about it, in addition to her other site.

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